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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Global Leadership Academy Charter School (GLA) is a Kindergarten through Eighth grade school comprised of three small learning communities located in West Philadelphia. GLA is a holistic teaching and learning program. Our goal is to provide a solid educational program developed through global studies and leadership development in an effort to develop future leaders of the world.


Global Leadership Academy Charter School will nurture creative leaders who will be globally competitive yet compassionate. As holistic educators, we will not only prepare our students for the 21st Century work place, but prepare students to bring change to a better world. Completing its fourth year of serving children and families after restructuring the original charter, GLA enrolls more than six hundred seventy students in grades kindergarten through eight. Although we have a strong community base of enrollment from the West Philadelphia community, our global studies curriculum attracts students from other Philadelphia communities including Southwest Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia and Northwest Philadelphia. It is our goal that GLA students graduate endowed with the knowledge to continue to carve out new paths in the global community. It is this level of emotional intelligence, social intelligence and spiritual intelligence that will propel students to persist through high school and gain the fortitude required to successfully attain their life mission and goals.