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Rising Stars Community

Grades K - 2

The name speaks for itself – “Rising Stars”.Similar to that of an ascending glow of metallic light reaching towards the galaxies, this impassioned community is comprised of GLA’s youngest, and, naturally, most inquisitive, animated, affectionate, candid, and knowledge-hungry future leaders of the world.The Rising Star community, consisting of 225 scholars in grades Kindergarten through Second, epitomizes GLA’s 9 jewels of character leadership:noble/virtuous, tenacity, respectfulness, integrity, diversity, resilience, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, citizenship, and responsibility.
Under the direction and safeguard of nine classroom teachers and five instructional assistants, the Rising Star community feels at home in the lime light – we prefer center stage.We take pride in our integrity and are leaders both in and out of the classroom – both on and off the field. Each of our Rising Star classrooms, then, will be vested to represent one of Philadelphia’s sports teams!Within this theme of interdependence and sportsmanship, our collective goal is to build character: to convey to our scholars the positive aspects of competitiveness, the pervading vital need to embrace diversity, and the necessary ability to co-exist and combine strengths, individually, so as to strengthen the fibers within the unit.This grants us an invaluable opportunity to not only learn from one another, but also learn about one another (to appreciate our differences as individuals), and thus inevitably learning more about ourselves.
So how does it work? Every week, a noble and virtuous scholar from each class will be nominated for MVP (Most Valuable Player):an aspiring leader who deserves recognition for their accomplishments both on and off the field.These scholars will be highlighted within the community and serve as leaders for their class.This initiative serves as a complement to Conscious Discipline, a social-emotional intelligence program that encourages our community to remain poised, present, and reflective.The interactive program creates a fun, comforting environment where our scholars care for each other, demonstrate empathy and solidarity, behave respectfully, and contribute to the success and infinite leadership potential for all.The Rising Stars Community is looking forward to numerous field trips, assemblies, and other energy-driven programs that involve our scholars and their families, our teachers and staff, as well as the community as a whole.We are excited to involve all of our families in the learning and development of our rising stars.
For this school year, one of our essential areas of focus is guided reading groups and centers.These academic, in-class strategies allow for differentiated learning and intimate instruction; and therein lays a common-thread consistent with our character focus – to embrace the individual within the team – to appreciate each and every star that rises in the night sky.

Legendary Leaders Community

Grades 3-6

Global Leadership Academy’s, Legendary Leaders Academy is a small learning academy (SLA) made up of scholars in grades 3-6.This learning academy will house several of the finest educators and scholars of Global Leadership Academy. We are steadfast in our mission of creating a culture and climate that is most conducive for the success of all scholars!
What is the Legendary Leader? A Legendary Leader is an individual who makes a profound impact on a group, community or world and their legacy is felt by many. Legendary Leaders is what we are creating with the scholars of this community. Like GLA’s other learning academies, several diverse learning experiences will be available to them. The focus of the Legendary Leaders learning experiences making is geared towards making them better scholars, individuals and citizens.
Our academy of program will hold each scholar accountable and responsible for making personal goals and commitments towards their educational growth. Our Classroom instruction will be specific to meet the individual needs of all scholars as well as engaging, rich and meaningful in each content area. Our scholars will have the security to find his or her voice. Our nurturing environment will allow them to feel comfortable enough to ask participate and ask questions when assistance is needed. Our scholars will be risk takers, not fearful of trying new things, engaging with others, speaking before a forum, and embracing the diversity of all!
The Legendary Leaders Academy is an “Academy within an Academy” that will provide its scholars with the skills that are necessary to carve out new paths and to lead!

The Collegiate Academy

Grades 7 & 8

In the Upper School at Global Leadership Academy Charter School, we understand that young people undergo more rapid and profound personal changes between the ages 10 and 15 than at any other time in their lives. In response, we are prepared to provide an educational program that is developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, and equitable!
Global Leadership Academy Charter School expects excellence from all of their scholars. However in the Upper School, to further prepare future leaders of the world, we have an additional 15 “Major Goals” that we require our scholars to attain by the time they complete their eighth grade year.
Our teachers and instructional assistants value young adolescents and are prepared to teach them. We engage our scholars in active purposeful learning. Our curriculum is challenging, exploratory, integrative, and relevant. Expect multiple learning and teaching approaches. To further advance and measure learning, scholars also receive varied and ongoing assessments.
In sum, the Upper School provides a world-class education for scholars in grades 7 & 8.